Cardiff Bridge Tutors

Rule of One

When drawing trumps, if Defenders hold one last master trump

Don't draw it!

It will take two of your trumps for a trick that will win.

Make them ruff another suit.

Rule of Two

Lead top of a (remaining) doubleton

When defending and you have only two cards left in the suit, play the higher

Rule of Six

If opener repeats his suit, it should contain six cards.   Don't repeat a five card suit - either the hand will be balanced - when you open/rebid Notrumps or it will have a second suit of four cards that can be bid.

Rule of Seven

When holding just one stopper in the suit led (in Notrumps), add up the number of cards in your hand to dummy's. Subtracting the total from seven will tell you how many times to duck.

Rule of Eight

Use after a No Trump opening

You need 6 or more points

Count your losers

Deduct losers from the combined length of your two longest suits

If result is 2 or more make an overcall otherwise defend.

Rule of Eleven

Use after a No Trump opening

If the lead is 4th from top (an honour)

Deduct the face value of the lead card from 11

The result is the number of cards higher than the lead card held in the other three hands

Rule of Fourteen

You may respond in a new suit at the two-level when your HCP + the number of cards in your suit equals fourteen or more.

If not - but with six + points - respond 1‚ÄČNT.

Rule of Fifteen

In the fourth seat after three passes -

If you too have less than an openoing hand you should open the bidding if the number of high card points and the number of cards in your ♠ suit equals fifteen.

Otherwise the opposition may find a fit in their suit by overcalling.

Rule of Twenty

Open the bidding when your total points added to the number of cards in your two longest suits equal twenty or more.

The hand opposite has 11 HCP plus 5 cards in ♠ and 4 in ♦ so open the bidding.