Cardiff Bridge Tutors

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  • 12+ High Card Points (HCP) needed to open (Exception is the Rule of Twenty).
  • Do not add for length or shortage when opening- use the Rule of Twenty.
  • A balanced hand has
    1. No five card major (A minor is OK)
    2. No Void
    3. No singleton
    4. Not more than one doubleton
  • 12-14 HCP and balanced open 1NT
  • 20-22 HCP and balanced open 2NT
  • Acol Strong Two system o 2♣ 23+ HCP
  • 2 of a suit is 20+ points or 8 playing tricks
  • Open your longest suit irrespective of quality o Plan your rebid
  • Equal length suits open the higher except with 4x♥s and 4x♠s when you open with ♥s.
  • 4441 hands o Touching suits – open the middle o Otherwise – open the suit below the singleton o Don’t open with a poor 12-13 HCP hand but wait for the others to bid.