Cardiff Bridge Tutors

About Cardiff Bridge Tutors

We are a friendly, welcoming group who provide courses for absolute beginners up to those who aspire to play in a club.
We provide access to a relaxed "No Fear" session at Rhiwbina Bridge Club.
We support you on every step of the way, providing play sessions suitable for your skill level, allowing you to stop at the level where you feel comfortable.
Each session provides:
♣ A lively seminar, not "chalk and talk" but with animated examples.
A play session with hands that reflect the topic discussed - teachers on hand to assist your bidding and play.
A quiz to reinforce the topic and an online quiz for all topics (this is used around the world!).
♠ Student notes and access to our "How to ......" guides, with their many examples and hands for you to play.
Smiley face An online summary of the hands, how they might have been bid, a suitable lead, a short commentary together with the results.
☑ Fun and laughter, chocolate biscuits and tea/coffee. Email access for guidance on any topic, or hand, on which you want help.


The quizzes are multiple choice and the questions are presented randomly each time you run the quiz.
The answers are also presented randomly. You must select an answer before you can move to the next question.

You can access short notes for each quiz from the quiz page.


We provide support for Bridgetab in the UK.